Integrating Tektronix's Test Equipment

Tektronix's test equipment can be easily leveraged to provide an integrated solution for SDR test and validation. By integrating Tektronix's test equipment into the SCA framework, the test equipment becomes an embedded resource to analyze and verify the correct operation of software radios. This approach not only provides an easy, flexible way to validate SDR operation, but also allows for a modular design strategy which integrates seamlessly with the final SDR product.

For an application note describing in detail this approach visit: Tektronix SDR Software wrappers were developed for Tektronix's WCA280A/RSA3308A and RSA3408A Spectrum Analyzers and Tektronix's AWG430 Waveform Generator. A sample application is included to demonstrate the basics of this approach. This is a simple command-based application that instantiates a basic waveform that includes both a spectrum analyzer and a waveform generator component and uses MATLAB for plotting.

Release Philosophy

This software is released under the GPL license for both wrappers and the sample waveform. The OSSIE team understands that this license is not appropriate for all users. If you would like to use OSSIE but would like to establish alternate licensing, you can contact us directly to establish an appropriate agreement.

System Requirements

  • Memory: 128 MB or higher
  • Hard drive space: 2 GB or higher
  • National Instruments's GPIB board and NI-488.2 controller installed
  • OSSIE Framework VersionC? Installed
  • Tektronix's WCA280A/RSA3308A or RSA3408A and Tektronix's AWG430

Test Equipment Wrappers and Sample Application Download

Additional Needed Software