(7/9/07) "SCA Component and Waveform Development: A Hands-On Tutorial," half-day session to be offered at the SDR Forum Technical Conference, Denver, CO, November 5-9, 2007. Several papers will be presented by the OSSIE team at this conference on topics that include embedded applications and waveform debugging.

(6/18/07) "OSSIE: a tool for SDR education and research," presentation given by Carl Dietrich at SDR Forum SCA Workshop, Portland Oregon.

(6/7/07) “Hands-on Introduction to SCA-Based Software Defined Radio (SDR) Education and Research” tutorial held at Wireless@VT Symposium by Dr. Frank Kragh, Naval Postgraduate School and Dr. Carl Dietrich, Virginia Tech. All 18 participants completed introductory labs. Several were even able to build working SDR receivers within the allocated time. Donna Miller of NPS and Andrew Cormier of Virginia Tech provided valuable assistance.

(6/6/07) OSSIE Team Demonstrates 16-QAM transmitter and receiver at Wireless@VT Symposium. Carrier tracking and symbol synchronization were accomplished using a polyphase filter bank. JosephGaeddert led the development effort.

(6/6/07) OSSIE Team Demonstrates Distributed Embedded SDR at Wireless@VT Symposium. The radio, consisting of an OMAP, EFIKA PowerPC board, and USRP, ran a QPSK transmitter waveform. PhilipBalister developed this radio and ported OSSIE to the ARM processor on the OMAP and to the PowerPC.

(4/9/07) OSSIE DSP Implementation in Military Embedded Systems Carlos R. Aguayo Gonzalez, Francisco M. Portelinha, and Jeffrey H. Reed, 'Part 1: Design and implementation of an SCA core framework for a DSP platform,' Military Embedded Systems, March 2007.

(2/8/07) Packetized Data Transmitted and Received Team members Joseph Gaeddert and Haris Volos demonstrated transmission and reception of packetized data using OSSIE. The data were BPSK modulated and two Universal Software Radio Peripherals (USRPs) were used in the demonstration.

(2/7/07) OSSIE Version 0.6.1 Released We are pleased to announce that OSSIE 0.6.1 is now available. Bug fixes to 0.6.0 are included as well as support for new interfaces, and support for omniORB 4.1.0. A new library, SigProc?, is now included in the distribution and includes bug fixes and enhancements to several existing components and will make future components easier to write. OSSIE and a set of sample waveforms are available as a set of tarballs (compressed archives of files that in this case include source code) which can be downloaded from The installation for 0.6.1 is the same as 0.6.0 except for the addition of the SigProc? signal processing library. For 0.6.1, this library will be needed for some of the 0.6.1 components. 0.6.1 installation should not be attempted from the subversion repository (only from tarballs) as it is a collection of bug fixes which do not necessarily follow the main line of development in the trunk. Thanks to the OSSIE team for their work on this release and to our users for their feedback!

(2/7/07) NPS SDR Researcher Visits OSSIE Team LT Upendra Ramdat, who is nearing graduation from the Naval Postgraduate School, recently visited the OSSIE team to discuss SDR research at NPS. LT Ramdat also demonstrated an IS-95B waveform that runs with OSSIE. The waveform, currently implemented as a baseband simulation, incorporates over 15 components in each the transmitter and receiver, and was developed using the OSSIE Waveform Developer and OSSIE version 0.5.0.

(2/5/07) OSSIE Tools Featured in Mobile Handset DesignLine See the article: "OSSIE rapid prototyping tools help easily reconfigure software defined radios."

(1/24/07) Digital Waveform Demonstrated The OSSIE team demonstrated transmission and reception of CVSD-encoded voice using BPSK and two Ettus Research LLC Universal Software Radio Peripherals (USRPs). Joseph Gaeddert's contributions were instrumental in achieving this milestone. Transmission and reception of packetized data and improved symbol synchronization are planned.

(1/24/07) USRP Daughter Board Support Thanks to Chris Phelps and Philip Balister, There is now OSSIE code to support most of the daughter boards for the Ettus Research LLC Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP). The code has been tested with Basic RX, DBSRX, RFX400, RFX900, and RFX2400 boards. RFX1200 and RFX1800 boards are being ordered to test the code, and support is also planned for the Basic TX, TVRX, LFRX, and LFTX boards.

(1/24/07) OSSIE Ported to Efika Board Philip Balister has ported OSSIE to the PowerPC on the Efika board (see EmbeddedSDR). The board is connected to a USRP using a PCI USB 2.0 interface card and initially ran a waveform that transmits random QPSK-modulated data. Mp3 Online

(1/24/07) OSSIE Tool Improvement Progresses OSSIE sponsor SAIC recently contributed upgrades to the OSSIE Waveform Developer, another tool for waveform development, and upgrades to the Core Framework. Drew Cormier is integrating these updates with OSSIE for inclusion in Release 0.7.0, planned for spring 2007.