Getting Started With Embedded SDR

This will get you started building the embedded SDR software. Further additions, including building OSSIE are in development. The following steps should generate all the files needed to turn an OSK into a SCA Radio. Even if you are not using the OSK, do the console-image build for the OSK, if you have a problem, I am familiar with that build and can help solve your problem.

  • Download and install Open Embedded Getting Started.
  • Create a local.conf file with the machine file set to omap5912osk and the distro set to angstrom-2008.1.
  • Run bitbake console-image. Output is in tmp/deploy.
  • Flash the u-boot, kernel image and file system images into your OSK. (See OSK Notes)
  • Congratulations, you have the basics to install OSSIE on your system.
  • Check out the OSSIE collection for Open Embedded with:
    svn co svn://
  • Add the following lines to your local.conf
    require conf/distro/include/

    BBFILES = "${OEDIR}/*/*.bb ${OEDIR}/ossie_collection/packages/*/*.bb"

    BBFILE_COLLECTIONS = "upstream ossie"

    BBFILE_PATTERN_upstream = "^${OEDIR}/"
    BBFILE_PRIORITY_upstream = "5"

    BBFILE_PATTERN_ossie = "^${OEDIR}/ossie/packages"
    BBFILE_PRIORITY_ossie = "10"
  • Add ${OEDIR}/ossie_collection to your BBPATH environment variable
  • Run bitbake ossie-image

Contact PhilipBalister for help. I am usually in #edev, #davinci, #oe on freenode as Crofton, please ask questions in the appropriate channel.

注:Getting Started With Embedded SDR(原文出处,翻译整理仅供参考!)