Cognitive Radio API

Component class

Abstract base class that defines functions global to all components in a VTCROSS system. All components inherit from this class, and must implement each of the following functions:

virtual std::string GetRemoteComponentType(int32_t componentSocketFD)
virtual void SendComponentType() = 0;
virtual void WaitForSignal() = 0;
virtual void Shutdown() = 0;
virtual void Reset() = 0;
virtual void RegisterComponent() = 0;
virtual void DeregisterComponent() = 0;

Engine class

Abstract base class that inherits publically from Component; Policy and Cognitive engines must derive from this class and implement the following functions as well as those defined in Component:

virtual void ConnectToRemoteComponent(const char* serverName, const char* serverPort, const bool SML) = 0;
virtual void RegisterServices() = 0;
virtual void DeregisterServices() = 0;

Component Classes

VTCROSS Cognitive Engine API Information

VTCROSS Policy Engine API Information

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