Cognitive Radio API

Public Member Functions

bool ParseRadioConfiguration(char* fileName)
void ListCurrentRadioConfiguration()
Observables* GetRadioObservables()
Parameters* GetRadioParameters()
Utilities* GetRadioUtilities()
uint32_t* GetConnectedCognitiveEngines()
uint32_t* GetConnectedPolicyEngines()
uint32_t* GetConnectedManagementServiceLayers()
uint32_t* GetConnectedComponents()
Component* GetComponentInformation(uint32_t ID)
Parameters* GetOptimalParameters(Observables* radioObservables)
bool UpdateParameterPerformance(Parameters* radioParameters, Observables* radioObservables, Utilities* radioUtilities)

Update the actual utility values in response to a previous parameter optimization.

This method is called when performance feedback is available for a recent parameter optimization. This allows the Cognitive Engine to better understand the relationships between the operating parameters and the objective performance.
bool DeactivateComponent(uint32_t ID)
bool ActivateComponent(uint32_t ID)
bool DisconnectComponent(uint32_t ID)
bool Shutdown()
Shutdown the Cognitive Radio System.

This method will perform a clean shutdown of the entire Cognitive Radio System. This includes calls to disconnect each attached component.

Private Member Functions

bool SendExperience(uint32_t ID)
Sends the local cache of past experience to the Cognitive Engine with unique identification number ID.

This method is called by the RegisterCE method. It is one stage of the initialization of a Cognitive Engine. The single experience consists of a set of Parameter, Observables, and Utilities. This stage is used to provide optional recent information to the Cognitive Engine so that it may make better decisions for parameter optimization.

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