Community Developed Applications

This page is for links to waveform applications and components developed by OSSIE users and made available to the community.

Virginia Tech and the OSSIE Team have not necessarily tested these waveform applications or components and assume no responsibility for any effects of executing them.

Wideband FM Receiver

From Leonid Chaichenets, University of Karlsruhe, Germany

This waveform is for receiving VHF FM broadcasts using a USRP and Basic Rx card using bandpass sampling. The Rx frequency of the USRP should be set to the aliased frequency of the carrier after sampling at 64 MHz. The waveform was initially developed for OSSIE version 0.7.0, which has a typo in the USRP_Commander component (the property name for the receiving frequency in Hz is spelled rx_rreq in OSSIE 0.7.0, and rx_freq in later versions). To use the waveform with versions 0.7.1 and newer, it may be necessary to change the spelling of this property in the .sad.xml file.

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